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Imperial Zalesie Corner House is an intimate investment created for people who value modern architecture and comfort of the everyday life.

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24 apartments from 40 to 66 m2 are going to appear in the 5-stored building, and an underground garage with parking spots and storage rooms is going to be built for drivers. Our new investment is a perfect offer for families with children, young couples and active singles. 2 – and 3-bedroom apartments with functional and smart rooms layouts will be offered to them. What is more, in each of them there will have a spacious balcony (7-14 m2) or a big terrace (32-130 m2). In Imperial Zalesie Corner House project we focused on modern architecture of the building and things typical for all our investments: big windows, that make the interior light enough and functional, and a hight standard of the common areas.

Frequently asked questions

Imperial Capital is an investment company that comprehensively implements development projects on the Krakow housing and office real estate market. It has already successfully completed stages I, II, III and IV, namely 150 apartments, in the Stawowa Residence investment. The next implemented project is Green Park Villa where 56 apartments have been put to usage. Currently the sale process of the II and III stage of the investment is going, 160 apartments in general. In January 2020 started the third biggest apartment project – Imperial CitiYes offering 289 apartment in sizes from 25 to 128m2 and service premises at Czyżyny, Nowohucka Street 46. In June 2021 began the sale of the next investment – Zalesie Corner House at Zalesie Street on Ruczaj. It is an intimate building with 24 apartments. But for the apartment projects, an office building project was implemented – Imperial Business Center at Wadowicka Street 7 in Cracow, that was put to usage in August 2018. This building received the 1st place in the U category – public utility buildings in the 2017 Małopolska Architects Exhibition Plebiscite. The headquarters of the company and sales department are located on level 7 of this building.

Imperial CitiYes is a one stage project, its implementation is expected for the III quarter 2022. But our investment located at Bronowice – Imperial Green Park Villa is a housing project that presupposes several stages. Currently the sale of the II and III stage is in action. Company is also planning to start the V stage of the investment at Stawowa as well as new investments at Bronowice, Prądnik Biały and Ruczaj. Our company is constantly looking for new areas for next investments.

While implementing constructions with the help of the special purpose company Imperial Capital Ltd has to act in accordance with the legal act on customer rights protection while implementing constructions with the help of the special purpose company. It means that almost the entire process of sale has to be organized in accordance with it. The main safety guarantee for every client is a deposit account. Imperial CitiYes has its deposit account at Alior Bank.

A company working on apartments selling has to open a deposit account at a chosen bank. When customers sign up development agreements for their apartments individual deposit accounts are opened for them to which all payments connected to this transaction should be done. In case of an open deposit account received payments are transferred to the company when a specific construction stage is completed. All information is check by a qualified employee of the bank for payments to be done. Payments can be postponed if any issues are detected. When all works are done in accordance with the development schedule bank transfers money to the company how it is set in the development agreement. It is also important to mention that a developer can use money only for the investment implementation purposes for which the deposit account was created. Received money is used mainly for covering development credits. The process of receiving payments in such a way guarantees the highest level of protection for customers while buying apartments.

Lands where investments are realized belong to the developer as a result a customer is going to have a part in the land that will belong to his property. Unlike perpetual usage, the property owner will not have to cover any costs other than the real estate tax.

Investment advantages



Functional rooms





Space for bicycles
and strollers

EV vechicle
charging station


Estate localization

Our investment is located on the cosy Zalesie street in the southern part of Cracow, which does not only have a perfect connection with the city center, but also provides residents with the access to a well developed sales and services infrastructure and easy contact with nature.

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Nearest spots route
Prywatny Dwujęzyczny Żłobek Małe Cuda - Little Miracles 120 m 1 min
Biedronka 180 m 2 min
Żłobek Kraina Odkrywcy 190 m 2 min
Żabka 220 m 2 min
Konfitura Restauracja 250 m 3 min
Lewiatan 400 m 5 min
Good Lood 400 m 5 min
Klinika Krakowska Przychodnia specjalistyczna 450 m 6 min
Przystanek autobusowy Zachodnia 450 m 5 min
Niepubliczne Przedszkole Źródełko 450 m 5 min
Pasaż Ruczaj 500 m 6 min
Pepco 500 m 6 min
Przychodnia Ruczaj - Zachodnia 500 m 6 min
Przystanek autobusowy i tramwajowy Kampus UJ 500 m 6 min
Trattoria Rialto 550 m 7 min
Przedszkole 600 m 7 min
Scanmed UJ 600 m 8 min
Lidl 650 m 8 min
Restauracja Tesone 650 m 8 min
Spaghetteria Pizza & Pasta 650 m 8 min
Centrum Sportu i Rekreacji Cascada 750 m 10 min
Szkoła Podstawowa nr 40 950 m 11 min
Yana Sushi 1 km 13 min
Krakowski Klub Jazdy Konnej 1,1 km 14 min
Kampus Uniwersytet Jagielloński 1,2 km 14 min
Close spots route
Pętla Czerwone Maki P+R 2 km 5 min
Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 158 w Krakowie 2,1 km 5 min
Tesco przy ul. Kapelanka 2,3 km 7 min
Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 151 w Krakowie
im. Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
2,6 km 6 min
Las Borkowski 3 km 6 min
Park Maćka i Doroty w Krakowie 4 km 8 min
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Estate plan


The nearest kindergarten is located in 3 minutes on foot from the investment. Also a great variety of schools is located in the nearby, and the campus of the 600th anniversary of Jagiellonski University Renovation.

City Communication

Only 5 minutes on foot separates residents from the city stations.


Imperial Zalesie Corner House is located in only 200 meters from Biedronka shop and in less than 100 meters from the Żabka network spot. ATUT shopping mall can be found in the closest neighborhood and a great offer of gastronomy spots.

Green Zones

Picturesque places such as Zalew Zakrzówek, Skałki Twardowskiego, Las Borkowski чи Lasy Tynieckie are numerous options for spending time outside.

Last apartment for sale.

M18, Floor 2, 3 rooms, area 66.66 m2

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Imperial Capital is an investment company that comprehensively implements development projects on the Krakow residential and office market.

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Our investments are being implemented in accordance with the needs of clients, combining attractive localization, unique architecture and functional solutions. Each of them is highly evaluated on the market and by clients, which is proved by numerous awards. The name of our company requires premium quality from us even for the projects from the lower financial segment. Thanks to the effective strategy on our account we have numerous modern and comfortable successfully implemented investments and investments in the process of implementation such as Stawowa Residence estate by Imperial, Green Park Villa by Imperial, Citi Yes by Imperial or Imperial Business Center office building.



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